Marta Barros joins an Artistic Residency in Greece as guest tutor of Macrame Art

Every year an artistic residency takes place at ecoSuites Tristinika Beach, Greece, for which hundreds of young artists apply. The goal is to provide participants the experience of spending a month creating an art object away from their studio/atelier, taking inspiration from their surroundings and using the materials available on site. It is curated by Alex A. Tsolakis, designer of ecoSuites and creative director of Blank Slate Art Journal.

This year was no different, 10 people from all over the world were selected and TEX MB had the opportunity to do the honors of the house, teaching a macramé workshop in the very first week for the group to get to know each other, learn a new art and create a working dynamic.

``It was a great honor for me to be able to teach macrame to such a talented group of artists who embraced the challenge with such dedication. The result was amazing!``
Marta Barros

After the workshop, all the members of the group, divided into teams, gave their contribution to the production of a piece that is displayed in the entrance pavilion of the hotel, eternalizing a very enriching experience of co-creation.

On behalf of TEX MB, Marta Barros thanks the opportunity and the attention of the whole ecoSuites team.

To see all the images and development of the work visit our instagram page on the highlight Art Residency.