TEX MB at Create Day, by London Craft Week

O Create Day é um evento digital organizado pela London Craft Week que transmite em live streaming o trabalho de centenas de artesãos.

Create Day is a digital event hosted by London Craft Week that broadcasts in live streaming the work of hundreds of artisans from around the world.

The work of Marta Barros, founder of TEX MB, was one of those selected for the 2021 edition, and a video illustrating her day-to-day life as a craftswoman, her atelier, and the entire process of making her macramé tapestries was broadcast.

In times of so much uncertainty generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, Create Day is, therefore, a proposal to stop and appreciate the work and creativity of artisans who make manual labor their way of life.

Marta Barros thanks the organization for the opportunity.