Charpoy by TEX MB

It was an old promise that has finally come true: the Indian bed (charpoy) by TEX MB is now available!

Charpoy is a woven bed used throughout South Asia. This piece was commissioned by an esteemed client who surprised me one day with two old beds. Unaware of all the work that was to come, I immediately fell in love with them and accepted the challenge.

They arrived in very poor condition, so I started by reproducing and then painting them. I started weaving them with a very beautiful thread that I had been given, but unfortunately it was too thin to be able to complete the job with any quality. After a lot of trial and error, I decided to try jute rope and the project went ahead!

``All the time invested has been rewarded by the chance not only to see that they are an element that enriches any decor, but also to enjoy their comfort.``
Marta Barros

Perhaps the most attentive followers of my work were expecting me to present a pattern with lots of macrame, but that would compromise the bed’s functionality. So I reached this more geometric result, which I like very much because I think it’s true to the identity of my work and TEX MB brand.

The woven bed by TEX MB is a piece that recovers the traditional design of Indian beds, also called charpoy, but with a touch of modernity. The decape-style paint gives it a rustic look, as does the jute rope with which it has been woven.

It is available on request and the estimated production time is one month.