Macrame Wave – An original creation by Marta Barros

Macramé Onda – Uma criação original de Marta Barros

My brother and I grew up loving and respecting the ocean. Our father once told us that “salt water is the cure for everything: tears, sweat, or the sea.” We have been living by this motto, and we have been happy.

Inspiration does not grace us with its presence whenever we want or need it, but sometimes it surprises us when we least expect it. In September 2018, after a vacation bathed by our favorite water, the desire to return to work was not the greatest, but it was necessary.

The Wave macrame then popped out of my hands in that context. A simple piece, but with the necessary strength to keep alive throughout the year the memories of summer and of an entire childhood always with the salt water around.

Macramé Onda – Uma criação original de Marta Barros

I dedicate it to my two sea men: my father, captain of the most beautiful boat in this world – ours; and my brother, who patiently has shown me his perspective of balance in life.

The Wave macrame is indeed one of the pieces most known and cherished by me and my clients. With such a strong family history, it is always a joy to know that every time I sell one, another person shares this story with me. Thank you for the affection!

Although it is a world symbol, the wave macrame is an original idea and design by Marta Barros, who owns all the rights to its creation, reserving the right not to allow its reproduction. #don’timitatecreate #beabetterartist