TEX MB launches wooden doors collection

TEX MB lança colecção de portas tecidas em macramé

They were old doors, but charming. With the renovations to her parents’ house, they were to be discarded. It was when Marta Barros realized that she could give them a new life.

The doors were recovered in an upcycling logic, hoping to give them a more modern look, with a more current paint job. This was followed by the application of macrame, which gave rise to a unique and original home decor accessory.

With this work, TEX MB challenged the potential of the art of macrame and interior design by conceptualizing a new support for her macramé works, which turned out to be an alternative to the natural sticks we are used to seeing her use.

A sustainable decoration, which promotes the reuse of old and seemingly useless objects, but which then gives rise to unique pieces and original ideas to integrate into our home styling.